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PhotoRoom Studio Editor is Photo Magic

Instagram, Twitter, eBay, and countless platforms put such a high importance on images. It’s crucial you’ve got your photo game on-point. PhotoRoom Studio is a…

Instagram, Twitter, eBay, and countless platforms put such a high importance on images. It’s crucial you’ve got your photo game on-point. PhotoRoom Studio is a photo editor to help you with that with the ability to easily remove backgrounds, feature products, add effects, and more unlike any other.

The reason I originally was infatuated with PhotoRoom Studio was its ability to quickly remove backgrounds. Just one tap and the background is gone with very high precision. Even complicated textures like hair are able to be easily be masked, allowing you to insert any background you wish. This is useful for product shots on a website or an eBay listing or for creating your new profile shot. The app makes it so dang simple.

Let’s talk about other effects. Backgrounds can instantly be desaturated to leave the subject as the sole pop of color. The subject can move to create animated images. Old-school glitch effects can be reproduced that look like vintage pop art. In total, there are 1000’s of templates to help you get going. Instagram fans even have their own templates for Stories.

In the app, there are a ton of little touches I love while using it. Instead of a boring loading screen for example, the app has a clever animation of a bar going up and down over the photo. It mimics scanning the photo and on the last swipe, the subject is revealed on its own with the background removed. Once a photo is loaded, the Discover tab shows previews of all the various templates, split into various categories.

At first blush, the app almost looks too simplistic. In reality, the app is cleverly moving barriers to later parts of the workflow. A normal flow would see you choose your photo, remove the background, then continue to fine-tune the cutout and apply edits before choosing your background and template. PhotoRoom Studio instead does its best to remove the background, then allow you to choose your template before giving you options to further tune the cutout. It makes it faster and less-intimidating to create images.

Once you get into those editing details, you realize this app is absurdly intricate and powerful. Its AI is able to detect what subject it is looking at — people, animals, objects. The edge can be refined by adjusting the amount of detail around the hair, the level of blur around the subject, and you use the guided cutout tool to extremely precisely define what is and what isn’t the subject. There are dozens of other adjustments including standard controls (brightness, contrast, shadows, etc), outlines, animations, blurs, and more.

There’s much more to explore with this app and it only limits you by what you can imagine. I know, that sounds a bit cliche but when you play with it, you just keep discovering more and more applications. The app is a free download with optional in-app purchases to unlock more functionality which is ideal for this app because once you try it, you’ll only want to do more.

But enough about other people's apps.


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