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Singboard Unleashes Your Inner Superstar

What do you do when an irrepresible urge for Karaoke hits you at 12 pm on a Sunday?  While a select few individuals may be blessed or cursed with a conveniently located 24/7 karaoke bar, most of us aren’t so fortunate.  That’s where Singboard, billed as the Youtube of Karaoke, fits in.  While Youtube users have been belting ballads, strumming out their souls, and painstakingly playing their pianos for the world’s viewing and listening pleasure for years, Singboard is looking to provide a more legitimate and better quality online karaoke experience, without the baffling assortment of irrelevant music videos and velour couches with sequins.  Myspace made a short lived venture into the quirky world of Karaoke a few years ago, and successfully combined its infectious appeal with the power of social media.  Now that Myspace Karaoke has been discontinued, however, Singboard is slated to make a name for itself as the premier engine behind amateur stardom.  Songboard will allow users to overlay their voices onto official music videos, making the online Karaoke experience far more legitimate.  Co-founder Ray Chan wants users to entertain themselves but also entertain others through sharing, something that will become much more fun with high quality recording tools.


Will song birds flock to Singboard in droves?  Karaoke purists may insist that the karaoke experience is simply not complete without puddles of stale beer, a gaggle of local theater students and a 65-year-old man belting out a raucous rendition of Livin’ La Vida Loca.

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