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SpotOn Tells You Where to Go!

SpotOn, a new startup based in New York City, has come up with a new way to find places to go, Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch reports. This new app has found a way to combine the location details of Foursquare with the ‘Like’ of Facebook to make a new recommendation system altogether. Who knew that we were all so indecisive about our plans?

SpotOn is able to corral existing data like the check-ins on Foursquare and the likes on Facebook to give you recommendations of where to go based on where people are at the time. Users can also recommend and leave comments about different places in the area, and others can see those comments when they go to those places. SpotOn can also import people’s social graphs, so they can see which of their friends have been to certain places and if they’ve recommended them. This awesome app can also rank venues based on their ratings, making it easier for people to find which places got the best ratings. To complete the Triple Crown of guiding services, SpotOn also is offering a Groupon-esque daily deals section, where users can see what deals are available based on their location.


For a big place like New York City, finding somewhere to go can be daunting. The amount of places to go for food, drinks, or anything else imaginable is simply intimidating and with new places popping up seemingly every hour, it’s not getting any easier to find a great place to go. While other startups have been offering similar services to this, SpotOn’s ability to link together so many different sites makes it unique and very appealing. The puzzle of finding the right place to go is a very difficult one. This app will make it just a little easier to solve it.

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