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The Pump: One Startup’s Mission to Change The Way You Find Employees

This week, we met with RolePoint that helps enterprise companies recruit talent by leveraging their own well-connected employees.


While most office employees gather around the water cooler, we prefer our libations to be of the unleaded and premium petrol variety. ”The Pump” is our weekly look at a key member of the Fueled Collective, Fueled’s new shared work space just south of Houston in New York City.

This week, we met with RolePoint, a San Francisco-transplant that helps enterprise companies recruit talent by leveraging their own well-connected employees. The company’s aim is to facilitate and expedite the way companies identify and acquire new hires, primarily through referrals.

RolePoint’s core team started with four founders based in London who saw that large companies needed a better way to identify valuable new hires. “Your own employees are your best network and you should tap into that connection,” said Kunal Kapur, Head of Account Management. While working in investment banks, the founders had referred their friends using their company’s employee referral program, but realized the need to streamline this process and make it more transparent for everyone. “Systems in this enterprise area were dated and under-developed. Time and again when we tried to refer a friend, it went into a black hole.”

RolePoint understands that many companies are strapped for HR budgets to recruit top talent.  In response to this reality, RolePoint has created a unique process that allows companies to tap into their large reservoir of existing assets instead of writing big checks to job boards or headhunters. “We’re disrupting technology in an industry that needs to be disrupted,” said Kapur.

Talent acquisition works in a number of ways: job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster; employee referral programs; or recruitment agencies. RolePoint knows the pros and cons of all these resources and has developed a way for enterprises to leverage their internal resources rather than relying on questionable or expensive alternatives. In addition to empowering their clients with the technology, the RolePoint team consults every step of the way to generate the best possible referrals.  This way, Human Resources, Marketing and Talent Acquisition teams can focus on generating good content and can track, maintain, and incentivize employee referrals to build a pool of potential candidates. That is unique to RolePoint.

RolePoint’s 12-person team is spread across the world. With locations in San Francisco and London, it was only fitting to round out the time zone equation by landing in The Big Apple for a third location. Before they joined the Fueled Collective family, though, RolePoint was considering basing their business elsewhere. Upon visiting, their game plan changed.

“We visited the coworking space and it had a great vibe, much better than our other options,” said Kapur, the company’s sole NYC-based member.

When asked what he loved best about working in the Fueled Collective, Kapur was quick to cite the advantages: “The people and the environment. If I have questions about how to code something or what kind of platform we should consider for billing clients, you can ask anyone. It’s fun to see how other people are driving their company.”

How does RolePoint stay motivated across multiple time zones? “Communication is key,” Kapur said. “We’re a close-knit team and we make it a priority to set time aside every day to check in via Skype and stay connected. In tech you can show numbers and metrics of your success, but it’s the personal connection that leads to motivation and excitement.”

Both with internal company culture and one’s office environment, Kapur drives home that the people factor is key.

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