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Time Zone Pro Keeps Tabs on Your Global Connections

  A few years ago I marveled at how much people were accomplishing while working around the globe. I thought we’d hit peak “global work,”…

time zone pro appA few years ago I marveled at how much people were accomplishing while working around the globe. I thought we’d hit peak “global work,” but then COVID hit. With people starting to work from home, it amplified the focus on remote work. As COVID has started to recede and companies are trying to figure out the new status quo, I’ve seen people working from home and doing more as they travel. During 2020 and 2021, I’ve worked with more people across the globe and from more countries than I ever have in the past. To help manage it all, I’ve been trusting in Time Zone Pro, a great app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

What I love most about this app, is instead of just adding time zones, the developer recognizes that those time zones are tied to individual people and teams. I’m not just adding the time zone for Ireland, I’m adding it for a specific PR rep that I deal with on a regular basis. When I jump into Time Zone Pro, I see Sara, as well as Dublin Ireland, her current local time, as well as the specific time zone she resides.

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The idea is a simple one, and one I’m surprised other time zone apps haven’t employed. The dev takes this one step further though, identifying that these people also have bedtimes. As you peruse your list of remote coworkers or friends you’ll see small moon icons next to those that may be eating dinner or readying for bed. Perhaps that text message should wait til tomorrow.

And fret not my global-eyed friend, the app has a world-wide time zone map right at the top of the app as well. Slide across the map to scan through the various time zones and see their local time.

The app takes advantage of many native iOS and macOS features too. It will follow your system settings to adjust its color scheme to dark more or light mode accordingly. It also supports widgets. Multiple sizes of widgets are available to see just one team member or several.

To round out this Time Zone Pro’s stellar reputation, the app is an outstanding citizen on all your Apple devices. One single purchase unlocks the app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It also collects absolutely zero personal data from its users. Lastly,

But enough about other people's apps.


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