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Tot Pocket is a Purposefully Limited Notes App

Gosh do I love a good text editor, and Tot Pocket has me smitten. It is such an elegant solution that just nails the experience.…

Gosh do I love a good text editor, and Tot Pocket has me smitten. It is such an elegant solution that just nails the experience. This is what a beautiful native iOS app should look like, and it has a companion app for Mac as well. It is a limited app, but not by accident — by design.

Before talking about Tot Pocket’s limitations, let us take a step back real quick. If you’re anything like me, your note-taking app of choice is chock full of real notes, intermixed with one-off notes for a link, a quick list, or something you need to remember. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to pause my daily workload because I got caught up deleting all of the nonsense notes from the native Notes app I had jotted down and forgot. That is no place for those ramblings. Enter — Tot, and its mobile companion — Tot Pocket.

Rather than a limitless number of possible notes, split into folders and pins, Tot and Tot Pocket only allows seven pages of notes. That’s all. Looking at Tot Pocket on iPhone and iPad, there are seven simple circles atop the single-page interface, each a different color. Those colors match the theme of each page too which makes it all the more visually obvious where you are in the app. These themes have their own light and dark mode too for added effect. As you swipe through these pages Tot Pocket provides a subtle, delightful bit of haptic feedback.

tot pocket app screens

And while you may be limited in the number of pages, you aren’t limited to the amount of text that can go on those pages. You can type away to your heart’s content and always have space. Tot Pocket keeps you abreast of how much you’ve written, letting you know how many lines, words, and characters you’ve entered.

While writing, you can go at it using standard rich text but you can also write using Markdown. You can do both of these at the same time, and when you paste in text such as a link, it quickly converts it into Markdown for you.

All of your notes sync with ease thanks to its reliance on iCloud, keeping your notes on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac in check. And while the mobile version of Tot Pocket does carry a heft $19.99 price, it is a one-time purchase and the Mac version of Tot is entirely free. If you are a user of the Mac version, you will quickly become attached yourself, at which point the mobile Tot Pocket becomes a necessity.

But enough about other people's apps.


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