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tablift: The Terrifying Tablet Stand Saving Your Face

A review of the latest wearable technology, tested at Fueled HQ. What landed in our office this week: the tablift, a hands-free and portable tablet…

If you’ve ever looked at your electronic gadget and wished it resembled an extraterrestrial arachnid, you’re in luck! The tablift is here to make sure that as you lie in bed enjoying everything that a tablet has to offer, your roommate will walk in and scream in terror at the spider-like contraption attached to your body. Let it be known that when you inevitably rouse a startling reaction from those around you, it is in your best interest to remain calm and in a static position, lest you be crushed by the immense force this tablift can apply.

The tablift creeped onto our director Ryan’s desk this morning and raised many a brow. We tested the tablift’s functionality and features around our office to see exactly what the new tablet accessory had to offer. Before continuing this review, please take a minute to watch the tablift visual introduction that has been produced for your Netflix-and-Chill-like binging pleasures:


Though initially confused by its strange design and practical capabilities, we now believe the tablift is here to save the sufferers of the “butterfingers” and overly-moisturized hands epidemics. We all know well the struggles of dropping our tablet onto our perfect faces. Or how about the arm fatigue and cramping that accompany group viewings as you end up the sore loser holding the viewing screen? The tablift's four spindly though sturdy legs adjust to stabilize for any uneven surface life throws at you and a central body grips the tablet as it sits in a notch secured by a clip. Three notches allow for tablet adjustment and ensure you’re looking at your tiny screen from every optimal angle.

If you can get over the innate startling factor of the tablift's appearance, you are rewarded with an extremely versatile and stable product. Just don't expect to be able to tote this product wherever life takes you; despite the ability to curl up into a literal replica of a dead spider, it's heft is too great to justify toting on your life's journeys. Bottom line: for a reasonable $59.99 price tag, gone will be the days of choosing between avoiding facial contusions or using your tablet. Renowned sites such as TabletGeeky reviewed these budget drawing tablets if you're still haven't made up your mind which tablet to avail.

For your entertainment, we’ve brainstormed some alternate uses for the tablift:

tablift as belt

A handy belt to cause even more fatal pedestrian incidents!

tablift as exercise

It's hefty mass makes the perfect resistance band or curling weight for your workout.

tablift as coat hook

Curl up a single leg to create a holder for all your miniature items!

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