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Pentagon Sets its Sights on Wireless

100G. No, that’s not a reference to a lyric from a rap song about cash money. Instead that is the name of a faster wireless…

100G. No, that’s not a reference to a lyric from a rap song about cash money. Instead that is the name of a faster wireless project that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) wants to set into action to change wireless technology.

DARPA, the super secret project division of the US Department of Defense, is taking matters into its own hands and launching initiatives towards creating a wireless system that goes beyond the distance and speed capabilities of in place fiber-optics by using RF (radio frequency). The goal is to combat weather restrictions specifically in cloud interference in laser-based military communication between land and air and air to air.  DARPA plans to hold a conference in the early half of January to discuss proposals for the project.

In the 1960s ARPA, as it was known then, worked with research institutions like MIT to create a database that linked major institutions through a computer network. Fast forward 20 years and we have the nascent Internet. If the U.S. military can have a hand in creating one of the most important creations of the modern era before, why not again?

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The potential of this technology, a super-fast wireless information network that can cross continents, could change the tech industry forever.   Second to battery life, wireless data is the biggest bottleneck to creating more awesome products than we ever thought possible.

If this system works as they hope, the public may soon benefit from its capabilities. Lighting fast wireless like we have never seen before will be at our fingertips.  A look into how far we have come with technology and the internet, one may say, where else could we possible go? With amazingly fast wireless that can cut through clouds, we would say we can absolutely go beyond the stars.

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