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New Mac App Marks Your Territory

Photo Sharing has been the buzzword of our time. According to a report from Facebook this past year, approximately 3,000 photos are uploaded every second, equaling to 250 million photos a day. Those are some extraordinary numbers, and thats only on one site.  We upload photographs to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. etc. etc.

With all this uploading, comes the concern of protecting our photos. I am not an artist, so I doubt anyone would be interested in stealing my unfocused pictures. However, what about those who have blogs and websites displaying their beautiful works of art?

According to SEOmoz “Americans alone conducted a staggering 20.3 billion searches in one month.” You can bet many of these include image searches. In the age of search engines, someone can easily search an image, copy and paste it. But without credit to you? There has to be a way to keep what’s yours as yours. These works of art need a watermark or the artists name and copyright on them so the work can be identified.

Guess, what? There’s an app for that! Watermarker is a great, easy way to add identifiers onto your work.

How it Works

For $7.99 you can purchase the Watermarker app for your Mac computer in the App Store. No set up is needed, just download and begin dragging your photos into the program. 

Once your image is loaded into the program, begin creating your watermark via the taskbar on the right. Change the text, where its located, the size, the font, and even include the copyright symbol. Watch your watermark appear on the photo at left.

Do you already have a watermark that you use elsewhere? No problem, you can add that in.

Want to really protect yourself and put a strikethrough on your image? You can do that. A strikethrough will prevent anyone from taking your photos as it will produce a mark across the image.

Why Should You Download it?

If you are taking the time to create a piece of art and want to share it with all your blog followers or on your website, then you should make sure no one else tries to take credit for your work. This is a simple app for the everyday artist with a knack for social media. No need to take a course in privacy and copyright techniques.

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