Happy Friday! Hate it when your friends are glued to their phones? Before heading out to happy hour, check out this new invention that might just force them to put down their phones.

There's nothing worse than competing with a cell phone for someone's attention. At bars all over the world, girlfriends and boyfriends are fed up with your rude cell phone addiction. The awkward silence surrounding the table while you text people who you are not with is unbearable. Brazilian ad agency, Fischer & Friends, has created a glass designed to end this problem, or they've just contributed to a whole lot of spilt beer.

The product is called the Offline Glass. The glass has a notch cut out of the bottom of it so it can only stand upright if placed on top of your iPhone phone. Therefore, you can only use your phone if you are also holding your beer, and we all know it's much better to text using two hands. The Offline Glass is not currently for purchase, but is being used in the Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paolo.

While the glass may or may not be as successful on a wider scheme, the moral of the video is to put your phone away. There are humans in front of you and you should engage with them! Otherwise, stay home and scroll through your Twitter feed on your own time.

Go out and have a fun weekend, without your phone!

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