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This Week in Mobile

Facebook, Galaxy, Blackberry, Cinch! "Top up” your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep up on all that's going on!


Here at Fueled, a mobile development company based in New York and London, we are obsessed with everything that happens in mobile, be it rumors of iPhone hardware, subtle Android updates or new apps we love.

Every Friday, we’d like to help you “top up” your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Here’s what went on this week in mobile.

iPhone Craze Continues


Let us start by saying that we sincerely hope you haven't experienced vertigo since downloading iOS 7.

This week, there were many reviews of the new phone and operating system and it seems like everyone has already updated. After all, over the debut weekend, Apple sold 9 Million iPhones. The 5S and 5C are hot commodities and, to no one's surprise, the 5S is outselling the 5C 4 to 1.

Galaxy Gold


Samsung unveiled Gold Pink and Gold Brown Galaxy S4 smartphones on their United Arab Emirates social media accounts. It's unclear if it will make they will make it into other markets. Bad time to release a gold phone, amirite?

$9 Blackberry


Oh, Blackberry. We don't hate you. Even though we learned this week that you lost $1 Billion in the second quarter. Yes, it seems the the death knell has all but sounded. Some media outlets have even written your obituary. But, we wish you all the best.

On Monday, the company announced a $9 per share offer for its stock in a deal worth about $4.7 million. Fairfax Financial, owned by everyone's second favorite billionaire Prem Watsa, offered the $9 deal and made a bid to buy Blackberry. We wonder what will happen next...

Fix Facebook Typos


Community managers rejoice! Facebook is now letting you edit a post after you publish it. The feature was made available yesterday to Android users and will arrive via iOS update soon.

Cool App Alert

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.32.23 PM

This week, Cinch showed up on our radar. Klout released the app this week and we think it's not only beautiful, but also super cool. Ask a question and receive answers from influencers that are deemed 'experts' in their field by the 'geniuses' at Cinch.

What do you think were the big mobile stories this week? Let us know in the comments!

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