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we’d like to help you “top up” your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse. Here’s This…

Obama facing Blackberry blackout

Here at Fueled, a design and development company based in New York and London, we are obsessed with everything that happens in mobile, be it rumors of iPhone hardware, delectable Android updates or new apps we love.

Every Friday, we’d like to help you “top up” your weekly knowledge of the mobile industry so you can keep your finger on the pulse. Here’s This Week in Mobile: Volume 19.

An Orwellian Text


On Tuesday, protesters and journalists standing in the vicinity of fighting between Ukrainian riot police and anti-government demonstrators received ominous text messages. The messages read, "Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance." Although the government didn't admit to sending the messages, the language echoed the new law that makes it a crime to participate in protests deemed violent. via The New York Times

Sony's Video Phone


Images of the new Sony smartphone surfaced this week, ahead of a possible launch at next month's Mobile World Congress. The phone, codename Sirius, is expected to record 4K and high frame-rate video. via Engadget

White Screen of Death


Since its debut in September, there have been numerous reports of a problem that plagues iOS7: 'the white/black screen of death', a bug that causes the iPhone to reboot randomly. This week, Apple confirmed that it is aware of the problem and will fix it in the near future with an upcoming software update. via TechSpot

iWatch News

apple iwatch 01

We're excited by any news about the Apple iWatch but this tidbit is particularly juicy. Apple is reportedly hiring people with an expertise in developing medical sensors like a blood panel that measures gluclose levels, kidney function and electrolyte balance. Amazing. via Business Insider

Facebook Ads


Facebook announced in a blog post on Wednesday that it has started to test Facebook ads in third-party apps. The company remained pretty tip lipped about what kinds of data will be used for ad targeting and what the ads will look like. They described the new scheme as "extending Facebook's rich targeting to improve the relevancy of the ads people see, provide even greater reach for Facebook advertisers, and help developers better monetize their apps." A challenger to Google's ad network, perhaps? via TechCrunch

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