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Our Top 5 Apps We Love This Week

Every week at Fueled, we share an internal anthology of the week’s greatest new apps. As mobile app developers, we’re lucky to hear about and download cool new…


Every week at Fueled, we share an internal anthology of the week’s greatest new apps. As mobile app developers, we’re lucky to hear about and download cool new apps every day that make our lives easier, entertain us, or keep our eyes and hands busy in awkward situations.Here are some things we’re keeping our eyes on this week.


drizly (1)

Happy Friday, everyone.  In honor of the second best day of the week, we present to you the app that delivers booze.  Pick your poison and have it delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes to an hour.  There's a $5 delivery fee and a $20 minimum that is, let's be honest, easy to meet.  The app is still in private alpha, available to you lucky ones in the Boston area.  So here's to making pregaming, or even a quiet night in, more easily accessible.




Let's face it -- the daily commute to work, no matter what mode of transportation you use, is boring.  Umano is here to spice it up by using professional voice actors to read you your daily news.  You can personalize playlists for the articles you care about and you can even see what your friends are listening to.  Best of all, you can download articles so you can listen on, say, the subway.    Umano has recently released version 2.2, providing a smoother, error-free streaming experience .



Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 5.00.48 PM

Tired of wasting hours sorting through different media outlets to get your tech news fix?  So are we.  Launch Ticker is the answer to our problem.  The app picks the top tech-related news from RSS feeds and tech blogs to keep you in the know.  The app also allows you to repost your favorites on Twitter in one simple step.  Thanks to Launch Ticker doing the work for us, we can now remind ourselves what free time actually is.

Launch Ticker


SoundTracking-App (1)

Soundtracking makes sharing tunes easier than ever.  Whenever a great song plays on your iPhone or Android, users can open the app and it will identify the song you're listening to.  You can then add it to your Facebook, Twitter or even Foursquare.  The app allows you to add notes, photos and locations to remind you of the song's significance.  And for each song you share, SoundTracking provides a link for your friends, allowing them to stream it via Spotify, iTunes, YouTube or Rdio.  And better yet, you can see what you friends are listening to, broadening your musical horizons.




Rando is an entirely random photo-sharing app, hence the title.  Each of your photos ("randos") is sent to another user at random.  You never know who receives the rando, but in return you get a rando of your own along with a general location for context, like "Moscow".  There are no likes, no comments, no connection to social media.  Rando is purely there to give you an inside look at another part of the world.


We’re happy to be able to share with you some of what Fueled looks at every week. Like these apps? Let us know by sharing this post with your friends.

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