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The 8 Best Apps For Dog Lovers in 2021

At Fueled, we build apps. We also love dogs. We've compiled a list of the best apps for dog lovers and the best apps that…

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1. Chewy
2. Puppr
3. PetCube
4. GoodPup
5. Whistle
6. TikTok
7. Pet First Aid
8.  Dog Scanner

Here Are Some of The Best Dog Apps

Here at Fueled, we know apps like the back of our hands — we eat, sleep, and breath mobile app development. I know I speak for a good deal of our team when I say we love dogs almost as much as we love developing apps — it’s why we’ve adopted a dog-friendly office policy. At Fueled, there’s always at least pup around for much-needed loves and snuggles. So for National Dog Day, we decided to put our expertise to the test and provide an up-to-date list of the best apps for dog lovers.

These apps will please dog lovers of all kinds, from owners of a family of pups to folks looking to adopt, to just regular dog enthusiasts. Each of these apps is extremely highly rated on the App Store and Google Play Store and all of them are a treat for dogs, pet owners, and dog lovers.

chewy app


Chewy has easily helped my family save money as well as come in clutch when we needed pet supplies time and time again. The app has a huge variety of toys, foods, medicines, and more that will almost certainly meet your needs at a fair price. It’s no surprise that this app has become a mainstay on all pet owner’s devices. It also happens to be very nicely designed and laid out with clear categories, your autoship orders, and your favorite items.

The auto shipped deliveries can have your food at your door on a regular basis taking out the need to head to the store whenever you run low. Subscribing also nets you a solid discount. Convenience and savings? Literally, sign me up!

Owning a pet can be expensive and time-consuming. Some dogs can be very anxious around strangers, new experiences, and loud noises. It is best to have calming treats from KarmaPets or others with this. Anything that can reliably help with those deserves a space on my home screen. And Chewy has been there for some time now.

puppr app


This is probably not the first time you’ve seen or heard of Puppr. This app has been around for years yet has continued to get better. The devs have continued to invest in the app by adding new features with update after update. Apple even featured it as an Editor’s Choice. The app is a fantastic go-to option for training your dog. Puppr has more than 70 lessons available to you put together by professional trainers. Each lesson is comprised of clear written instructions as well as photos and videos for you to see the lesson in action. Struggling? Jump into the app to chat with a live trainer to get their insight on what you can do. Your dog has its own profile in the app, where you can track your progress through all the lessons. They’ve gamified training your pup by awarding accolades in the form of digital badges for finished classes.

The app also features an in-app digital clicker for clicker training and a curated shop of training treats, training equipment, crates, and other necessities signed-off on by respected trainers. This app has so much a new — or existing — dog owner needs and it only gets better over time and more and more classes, items, and features are added.

petcub app


Giving treats to my dogs is almost as rewarding for me as it is for them. Almost, I’m pretty sure they still enjoy it more than I do. But I can’t help but love how happy they are when I give them treats! And leaving for long bouts does make me miss their slobbery, furry faces. Enter — Petcube.

Petcube designs physical cameras and treat dispensers for you to stay in touch with your dog (or perhaps cat) while you’re away. The most basic Petcube camera is designed specifically for monitoring your pets while others include treat dispensers that you can trigger from anywhere. Check in with your dog, talk to them through the microphone and speaker built into the Petcube device, and — if they sit of course — reward them with a treat. It is fun for you, allows you to connect with them while you aren’t there, and they of course get a treat out of it!

The accompanying app is easy to use and the best way I’ve found to see my dogs when my wife and I can’t be there.


Who’s a good pup! Who’s a good pup! Who’s a good dog owner! That’s right! You are! You are! Because you went and downloaded GoodPup. This wonderfully-designed app lets you get one-on-one lessons with certified, reviewed, and vetted trainers to get your dog behaving as best it can.

Lessons are conducted in real time via video chat so the trainer can see exactly how you’re teaching the dog, ensuring you’re doing everything right. You choose your trainer based on their picture, bio, ratings, certifications, and specialties.

In between video sessions you can chat with your trainer, getting quick answers to common questions. The app allows for flexible scheduling so you can train your pup when it is convenient for you. With the global pandemic, training remotely is even more beneficial as you don’t have to travel out or invite someone into your home. Training your dog is a necessity and GoodPup can help make sure you’re doing it and doing it right. Don’t let your dog down!


Not going to lie — I very much worry about my dogs escaping my fenced-in back yard. I also worry about my dogs becoming overweight and getting one of many ailments that can befall them because of that. I want to be a good dog-dad and these thoughts go through my mind fairly often. I have a camera in the backyard just to be sure I can keep an eye on them! But if they ever would escape, I’d be out of luck tracking them down as they’d surely book it through
the open fields.

Whistle is a combination activity tracker for dogs as well as a locator should they ever run free. This is huge for city-dwelling dog owners where they can run through streets atop streets as well as those in the country where there are no bounds. Even well-trained dogs can become distracted and meander away.

The Whistle tag goes on their collar and will automatically alert you should your dog leave its safe zone. That can be your yard or even the local dog park. Then you can rest easy that your dog is where it should be. If it does flee, you get the alert and can follow them so you can bring them back to their home — safe and sound.

Since the tracker is on their collar, it can also track their movement throughout the day. See how much your canine friend moves and set activity goals based on your dog’s age, breed, and weight. It gives a bit more peace of mind that you aren’t overfeeding and your dog is staying sufficiently active. See where your dog travels, unlock badges for activity achievements, and keep your dog motivated with gentle nudges if your dog is too sedentary. Turn on a light on your dog’s tag if you can’t find them in the dark and keep track of your pet’s health by seeing how much they are scratching or licking themselves.

The app is clean, light, and a great example of a well-designed iOS app. I’ve used Whistle for the last year and easily recommend it for any dog owner who wants to know more about their four-legged friend.

tiktok app


If you’ve got a fluffy friend of any variety — be it purring kit-cat, a slobbery ball-chasing fluffer, or perhaps a bun-bun with a boop-able nose — you’ve got to share the cuteness with the world. Of course old standbys such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect for sharing your adorable pet but the new kid on the block is TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app for sharing short video clips with the world. Show off your dogs new trick, brag about your lake-side nap with your dog, or show them acting derpy around the home.

The app is easy to use, simple to upload your own vids, and is full of special effects to overlay text and animations to make your videos stand out. Not to mention how addicting it is to sit and swipe away looking at everyone else’s canine friends.

I love that it focuses on video rather than photos as none of the other platforms are really optimized for video. Insta, Facebook, Twitter all can share videos, but were created with photos and text in mind. Best of all, like most other social media, it is free to download and use.

pet first aid app
Pet First Aid

Ideally, you should never need to know how to carry out first aid on your dog, But in the event an emergency does arise, you’ll be happy to know you have the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app already installed.

We’ve long recommended the American Red Cross First Aid app to everyone as a necessity and for pet owners it is equally as necessary. The pet version of the app is designed just like its human counterpart with clean layouts and clear photos and videos for all the common ailments and accidents that could befall your pet. There is proactive material as well, walking you through preventative care and maintaining yourpup’s well-being.

In the event of an emergency, not only are there instructions on what to do, there are
emergency tools to guide you to the nearest vet hospital. Again, I hope you never have to use it, but it doesn’t hurt to have the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app downloaded just in case.

Dog Scanner

This app is bot useful as well as just entertaining. Dog Scanner allows you to scan a dog using your iPhone’s camera (or an uploaded photo) and will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine what breed the dog is — even mixes, The app houses more than 350 FCI breeds as well as additional ones that are common even if
not officially recognized. It only takes a few moments and the app will report back what breed the dog is or its breakdown if it identifies it as a mix. Once you’re done, share your photo in the new social feed with other dog lovers.

If you see a lot of dogs, the app can be educational by rewarding you for scanning more and more dogs. Are you a dog expert? Badges and achievements will let you know.
The best part is if you have no dog around and no photo handy, point the camera app at your friend to see what dog breed he or she looks like. “Ah yes, that is a human who appears 23% like a greyhound.”

Once scanned the app will provide background on the breed, showing you a picture, giving you a lot of information on how the breed came to be, and how often it is recognized by the app.

So whether you are looking to learn more about your own pup, a stray your wife brought home (true story...), or just looking to teach your youngster about the different breeds of dog out there, Dog Scanner is a fun app

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