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The 9 Best Apps For Dog Lovers in 2019

At Fueled, we build apps. We also love dogs. We've compiled a list of the best apps for dog lovers and the best apps that…

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1. FitBark
2. Wag!

Here Are The Best Apps For Dog Lovers

Here at Fueled, we know apps like the back of our hands — we eat, sleep, and breath app development. I know I speak for a good deal of our team when I say we love dogs almost as much as we love developing apps — it’s why we’ve adopted a dog-friendly office policy. At Fueled, there’s always at least pup around for much-needed loves and snuggles. So for National Dog Day, we decided to put our expertise to the test and provide an up-to-date list of the best apps for dog lovers.

These apps will please dog lovers of all kinds, from owners of a family of pups to folks looking to adopt, to just regular dog enthusiasts. Each of these apps is extremely highly rated on the App Store and Google Play Store and all of them are a treat for dogs, pet owners, and dog lovers.

1. FitBark - The Best App for Monitoring Your Dog’s Fitness

It’s FitBit for dogs! This one requires the FitBark dog activity monitors. By using the cute bone-shaped monitors (which you can find here) that go around your dog’s collar, you can monitor and track health the same way you would yourself using a FitBit. FitBark is used by researchers from Cambridge to the Mayo Clinic and is clinically tested to be both safe and accurate. It's one of the best apps for dog lovers who want to stay in shape with their pets. 

Monitor your dog’s daily activity and health and compare to other dogs of the same breed and age who use FitBark. Crucially, FitBark monitors your dog’s sleep - giving you breakdowns of sleep activity, stress, and anxiety, as well as any indications of skin conditions. If they are itching one area more than normal, for example, FitBark will alert you to this and give you the steps needed on knowing how to follow up.

FitBark even lets you workout alongside your pal by linking your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other health monitoring device. Compare steps to your dog? Sounds a little silly, but it makes working out easy when you have your health stats in the same app as your dog.

Fitbark one of the best apps for dog lovers

2. Wag! - The Best App for Dog Walkers

Wag! is a staple for dog owners who work long hours and need someone to help their pup get some exercise when you are away. It is also a great opportunity for dog lovers to make some cash just by hanging out and walking dogs at their leisure. And yes, all dog walkers go through a rigorous interview process to ensure they are the perfect fit to be a certified Wag Walker! This is a great app for scheduling dog walks and also hiring walkers for last minute walks. However, for dog-sitting, you may want to try Rover.

Wag! is one of the most trusted and secure dog walking apps on the market. The dog walking app ensures the safety of your pet by letting you track where your walker is via GPS. Wag! also provides lockboxes for customers, allowing walkers secure and painless access to house keys. Wag! has already been featured on Fueled as one of the best apps for dog lovers as our App of the Week.

one of the best apps for dog lovers

3. Chewy - The Best App for Ordering Dog Food

Chewy is the app you wish your pet could get their little paws on. The delivery app lets pet parents easily order food and supplies from a choice of over 1000 brands. Chewy is your one-stop shop app for all the pet supplies you could need for your household.

With plenty of helpful features and benefits, including free 2-day shipping on any order of $50 or more, Chewy is a must-have app for dog owners. Just make a profile for your pet, and find the right food for their breed and check out recommended toys and supplies. Track your packages via the in-app tracker. Set up automated shipments for supplies like food and snacks that you need on a monthly or weekly basis. Even go to your local pet store and use the barcode scanner to order your favorite brand on Chewy.

one of the best apps for dog lovers chewy food ordering

4. BarkHappy - The Best App For Finding Dog-Friendly Places

BarkHappy is a neat app for new dog owners to discover a community of fellow dog owners near them. It’s full of features that make finding dog friends easy, but mostly we like that BarkHappy provides a map showing local dog-friendly places to bring your pup. These range from dog parks to restaurants and hotels that have dog-friendly policies. Whether you are at home or looking for a dog-friendly place to stay on a roadtrip, BarkHappy is the best app to help you out.

BarkHappy is great for setting up group meet-ups in your community. The app also lets users create lost dog alerts if their dog were ever to go missing, alerting all users in your community and allowing you to set rewards for whoever finds your lost dog.  BarkHappy is one of the best apps for dog lovers who are looking to take their dogs wherever they go, and for dog owners looking to find best friends for their pets and build community on a local level.

barkhappy one of the best apps for dog lovers

5. Pet First Aid - The Best App For Pet Emergencies

Certainly, one of the best apps for dog lovers who are looking to avoid panic attacks, or are just overly worried about their dogs, Pet First Aid from American Red Cross is a must-have for all pet owners. This app is the easiest way to avoid emergencies and know exactly how to treat your pet at home versus when to visit the vet.

Pet First Aid, built by the American Red Cross, gives every option for checking on your pet’s health. From investigating wounds to figuring if your dog ate something that’s potentially hazardous, this app is the ultimate guide. Find nearby vets and hospitals with the built-in emergency tools.

best apps for dog lovers first aid app

6. Puppr - The Best App for Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Time to teach your old dog some new tricks. Or teach your new dog some old tricks. Either way, Puppr is an app that includes step-by-step instructions to help teach your dog all sorts of tricks. From basic obedience training to more advanced moves, these tricks are guaranteed to make all your cat-owning friends jealous. Each trick comes with super easy step-by-step instructions accompanying by images.  Track your dog’s completed tricks and overall progress by earning badges and entering progress in the app upon each session.

The Puppr app includes over 50 tricks taught by America’s Got Talent finalist Sara Carson & The Super Collies. Premium subscribers get access to additional lesson packs and a live chat with Sara. Visit the in-app shop to buy treats, equipment, and other training accessories directly from the app.

puppr one of the best apps for dog lovers who want friends

7. Rover - The Best App for Hiring Dog Sitters

Rover has similar functionality to Wag!, but for this list, we are going to recommend this app for hiring dog sitters. Wag! now includes the option to hire sitters, but Rover has been doing it since the beginning, and is where you are more likely to find long-term dog sitters. If you are interested in dog walkers, maybe go with Wag!, but if you want to a dog-sitter, then Rover is your best bet. The app has a greater selection of sitters and the interface makes it easier to communicate directly with the walker or sitter. This is crucial for making sure your dog is staying happy and healthy during your absence.

Easily book services, and feel safe about it, with Rover’s premium insurance and reservation guarantee. Rover is one of the best apps for dog lovers who need a reliable, long-term dog-sitter or just a one-night pup pal when they are out of town.

rover best apps for dog lovers dog sitting

8. Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie  - The Best Pet Cam App

Dog Monitor & Pet Cam by Annie is one the best apps for dog lovers who don’t want to spend money on an expensive pet cam setup. Free to try, this app connects any two devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android devices) and lets you listen to and talk to your dog from wherever you are — regardless of if you are on Wifi or not. This pet cam app keeps you informed by letting you see your dog’s noise level and informing you when the device at home is reaching low battery levels. Annie keeps your information safe, ensuring your pet audio stream is encrypted.

This pet cam monitoring app has pretty reasonable and flexible pricing plans. You can pay anywhere from $.99 for a week, to $9.99 for a year. If you are fostering a dog for a month, or are pet sitting and want to ensure the pet is doing okay when you go out, you can pay for just what you need.

best apps for dog lovers dog cam by annie

9. Instagram - The Best App for Cute Dog Photos

I know, it’s kind of a cop out. But to be completely honest if you are seriously a dog fanatic there are literally hundreds of great accounts who post quality dog content every single day. From dog meme pages like Pupflix to some awesome accounts run by dog parents for celebrity dogs like Norbert and Dean the Basset Hound, there is no shortage of adorable photos and videos of dogs doing literally everything on Instagram. Plus, you probably already have it downloaded, so what is stopping you? Go out and discover the dogs of Instagram. 

instagram is one of the best apps for dog lovers

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