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Flighty is the Hands-Down Best Flight Tracker for iPhone

Have you ever used a flight tracker? I know a few people who like them just cause they’re fun and cool to see how flights…

Have you ever used a flight tracker? I know a few people who like them just cause they’re fun and cool to see how flights move. Others use them religiously for their actual job and tracking their planes. The core of any flight tracker is the same, but Flighty has more options than any flight tracker I’ve tried and it also has the best user experience. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

Basics first, right? Well it features a 25-hour ‘where’s my plane” window where you can see exactly where your plane is within a 25 hour window. This gives you unparalleled insight into your plane’s schedule. If you’re worried about a delay, this will tell you before the airline does. If anything with your plane changes, you’ll be alerted. They’re so fast that Flighty calls them “pilot-grade.” These alerts tie into Apple’s new Focus modes too so you don’t get alerts when you don’t need them and you will get them when you do.

One of my favorite features that is exclusive to Flighty is the airport ground radar. You can see your flight arrive and where it is at the airport while you wait to take off. You can see an overlaid path of where it has to drive through the airport runways to get to your departure gate. It’s very cool and allows you to stop worrying (or worry more, depending..!) about where your flight is.

Other features include automatic syncing with TripIt, your calendar, and email forwards, live plane locations worldwide, no ads, details of your flight’s tail number, and more.

App that make my favorites always take advantage of the native components of iOS. Otherwise they’re glorified web apps and can get right on out of here! Flighty has new widgets that can live on your Home Screen. See how long til your vacation or see your departure and arrival times. It even syncs over iCloud so if you pick up your iPad, everything you’ve added will be there. Lastly, it has a truly amazing looking dark mode to lust after. It will automatically change with your system and shows a tremendous amount of care went into it.

I travel a decent bit, not a whole lot but I fly at least a few times a year. Somehow it still continues to stress me out. Flighty has relieved that a little bit and has even made it fun to show my wife our flight has landed and is pulling around the airport. Don’t be like my mother in law who, bless her heart, will stand around staring at the airport billboard to see what’s going on with her layover. Take control, download Flighty.

But enough about other people's apps.


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