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Scroll Through The Past, Present, and Future with History of Everything

History of Everything is an educational app that displays an expansive timeline of the universe, archiving events like the Big Bang.

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Calling all history and science junkies with an appreciation for simple, but interactive art: today’s app of the week is for you.

2Dimensions is a company that develops top-notch animation tools used for app or game design. Credited for the breathtaking visuals in Orphan, Kova, and Flutter Hot Reload, they continue to prove that their generous contribution of resources is made for flawless delivery.

Kurzesagt’s intricate Youtube narration of our universe inspired 2Dimensions to design and develop an app that would allow users to explore different time periods or major historical events. After several stages of concentrated design and development, they presented a virtual timeline app that was further distinguished by interactive graphics and an elegant scrolling mechanism.

History of Everything is a 2D app that displays an expansive timeline of the universe, archiving events that range from the Big Bang to historical milestones to the end of all space and existence (if you’re ever morbidly curious). Scroll through all eras and learn about any subject of your choice— this app will be your navigational guide.

Press your finger to the screen to catch Amelia Earheart’s attention, swipe at an apple tree to demonstrate Newton’s Theory of Gravity, and tread through each of their descriptions to learn more about their place and time. It’s a simple, but quintessential combination of education and entertainment.

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History of Everything is currently available for free on iOS and Google Play. Its developers are also generous enough to share the app’s code on GitHub in case any adventurous developers want to enter the sandbox and experiment!

If you want to relive the Mesozoic era or watch our sun slowly dim into a red giant, download History of Everything— and discover the universe like never before.

But enough about other people's apps.


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