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Breaking down the Dunkin’ Donuts App

We gave the new Dunkin’ app a test drive to learn what works well and what could use improvement. We also brainstormed a couple “Fueled…

We gave the new Dunkin’ app a test drive to learn what works well and what could use improvement. We also brainstormed a couple “Fueled twists”--- fresh feature ideas or ways we would have taken the app up a notch using our forward-thinking, unconventional approach.

What works well

This app is super fun and easy to use; we love the juicy, bright fonts and colors. This app boasts great ratings, and we can see why. The menu updates often with seasonal items (including plant based breakfast options like the Beyond Breakfast Sandwich!) which adds real value to the app and makes us more likely to check in frequently to see what’s new. Who knew Dunkin’ fux with coconut milk?! I’m not a fast food person but the food in the app looks appealing even to me. 

It is also super quick + easy to find your nearest Dunkin’ and place your order. A user-friendly interface and simple icons make navigating the app a breeze. The rotating promos, like getting a free donut with every beverage order on Wednesdays, along with their dynamic perks program, which runs on a points system, helps keep Dunkin’ on our mind, and makes us more likely to gravitate towards using the app on a regular basis. Plus, the incentive structure is strong. Offering points to get free donuts or drinks at the outset gets us immediately hooked. Best of all, rewards and perks are applied automatically to your account. The Dunkin’ app has successfully gamified the consumption of sugar and caffeine, and we’re here for it. 

dunkin donuts app screens

What could use improvement 

The app has a couple frustrating kinks. For example, there’s no “low inventory” indicator when placing an order. So, if you show up and your Golden Peach Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher is out of stock, the only option is to make an on the spot replacement. If you’re Golden Peach or bust, getting a refund is not only cumbersome but barely worth it for the $3 bev. We like that app purchases are prepaid and save you time, but wish they had been more thoughtful about how to correct for predictable issues like selling out of items. They should have notifications for low stock items, or substitution options when something has run out. Even a simple “cancel order” button would save them from the outrage of hangry, Golden-Peach-less consumer. 

dunkin donuts app screens

“Fueled twists” Our feature/ roadmap ideas 

Panera had a lot of success with their $8/month unlimited coffee subscription. Dunkin’ should offer a similar option to encourage people to make Dunkin’ their morning stop for coffee, which would inevitably lead to more breakfast and donut purchases. 

We also see a missed opportunity here with App Clips, which is a great way to familiarize people with your app who otherwise wouldn’t have known about it. Dunkin’ should have an App Clip that encourages walk-in customers who will begin to accrue points and be incentivized to download the full app.

All in all, we’re fans of the Dunkin’ app, but hope to see them continue to develop the app to better leverage what they already have going for them. We love that they’re forward-thinking not only in their design but in the way they’ve incorporated plant-based items into the menu, and look forward to seeing what’s next. 

But enough about other people's apps.


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