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If you are finding it annoyingly complicated to get a good deal on flights and hotel rooms, then Skiplagged is the travel app for you.


The term "hidden-city flights" refers to when travelers book multiple leg flights with the intent of stopping in the layover city and not boarding the flight to the final destination. As an example, a traveler who wants to go from New York to San Francisco would book a flight that is ticketed for NYC -> San Fran -> Seattle and end their travel once they arrive in SF, skipping the leg to Seattle. Skiplagged takes these hidden-city flights into account when finding bookings for their users.


The Skiplagged app is simple and intuitive. The home screen adapts to your searches and location, showing you the closest, cheapest flights.

When booking flights, the mobile UI lets you easily customize your searches and sort your results by flight time or cost. Skiplagged shows both hidden-city flights and regular flights, but it’s easy to set the filter to display just one or the other.

The hotel booking system is equally as robust and can save you just as much money. Each hotel option lets you see a detailed information section, user reviews, and location on a map.

Skiplagged’s quality-of-life features make it the easiest travel app to use. When browsing flight options, just tap the heart in the upper right corner and that flight will be added to your favorites. From favorites, you can set the app to send you push notifications when your flight drops below a self-set price.  And for the international traveler, Skiplagged lets you change the prices to be displayed in one of a dozen internationally recognized currencies. Skiplagged is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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