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Birth Control App Nurx will let you order your birth control prescription for pick-up or have a prescription delivered in 3-5 business days.

Nurx Birth Control App

Nurx provides 50 brand options to choose from, including all types of birth control (pills, ring, or patch). If you can’t find the brand you normally use on this birth control app, don’t worry. Nurx lets you talk with a board certified healthcare professional that will find the right prescription for you free of charge. These chats take place over a 24 hour period and require you to upload identification, but are completely private.

Nurx_Birth_Control_App_Screenshots birth control app

With Nurx, there is no need to pay a fee simply to get a prescription. All you are paying for is the birth control you are picking up or getting delivered. Nurx accepts most insurance plans and if you are without insurance, you have the option of paying out of pocket, with prices starting at $15 per pack.

Once you’ve used Nurx once, your birth control prescription will automatically refill every three months. The app makes it easy to get professional assistance and prescriptions, and you never have to make a single appointment.

The birth control app is HIPAA compliant and every conversation is encrypted to ensure user security and meet industry regulation. Nurx is available in the states of CA, NY, TX, IL, IN, PA, VA, MI, MO, MN, FL, DC, WA, NJ, and MA.

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