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Best Library App: Libby

Do you wish you could download audiobooks and eBooks for free with no strings attached? Libby is the library app you need to try!

Libby Best Library App for Fueled App of the Week

Libby is an evolution of library app and eBook platform OverDrive, with UI design that is fine-tuned for mobile. Start borrowing eBooks and audiobooks on your phone or Kindle today.

Upon opening the app for the first time, Libby will ask if you have a library card. If not, you will be pointed to a helpful GPS map letting you know where the closest location is. For cardholders, just select your local branch and enter your card number to get started.

Libby Best Library App for Fueled App of the Week

You can browse and sample your library’s selection via your phone, with instant access to all their offerings. Borrow any book and it will be added to your shelf. Read books on your phone (or send them to your Kindle). With Libby’s simple and intuitive interface design, you can easily skip ahead in books, and rewind in audiobooks. The e-reader and audiobook players have all the features you’ve come to expect from modern eBook apps.

Readers in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles may have to balance loans from multiple locations. With Libby, view all the books you currently have out from all libraries on one page. Everything you’ve borrowed, as well as your position in any book and your bookmarks, are instantaneously synced across all the devices you use with Libby, so you’ll never lose your place due to a technical error.

There’s a ton of ‘nice-to-have’ features in Libby that truly elevate the library app. The Activity tab keeps track of your reading history, where you can view what you’ve read and how you felt about it, all thanks to tags. The tags range from a way of remembering your thoughts on a book (such as ‘loved’ and ‘hated’) to a way to organize your readings (i.e. school, fun, for vacation). You can even use tags as a way to keep track of your wish list of books you want to check out.

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