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Moment Catcher: Ingenious or Invasive?

  Look! Your cat is currently pawing in confusion at your iPad, which emits strange noises at every touch: cue hilarity! Now share the video…

Look! Your cat is currently pawing in confusion at your iPad, which emits strange noises at every touch: cue hilarity! Now share the video with your friends, and watch their reactions! While you would previously have put your camera away after the video is shared, the brains at Grolux2 Productions have realized the reactions are half the fun, and, as such, have grabbed the opportunity to introduce Moment Catcher.

Moment Catcher is a new iOS application that utilizes the front-facing camera on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to capture the responses and reactions of the people (particularly children) watching videos on their respective iOS devices.

While our parents and grandparents only just now seem to be discovering the magic of YouTube videos, we seem to have already moved on to…the reaction video. And the Moment Catcher app, available for the price of 99-cents, is simply a new twist to this fad, smartly repacked for the smartphone generation.

The app is very cleverly designed; it never once alerts the users that it is recording a video. It allows users to load and play either their own photographs or videos or one off YouTube. Users can search YouTube for videos right from the app itself and are also given the option of marking particularly memorable videos as favorites and saving them for easy access in the future.

As soon as the video of choice begins playing, Moment Catcher begins recording. When a video has finished or the user exits, the reaction video is instantly saved and outputted to your Photo/Video Roll list. Once the reaction videos are saved, the app allows users to share them via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

The app seems to perform beautifully for the most part; however, with Moment Catcher only providing a single combined list for videos from the Video Roll and also exported Moment Catcher videos, users may unintentionally recapture additional reactions as they play and view previously recorded reaction videos. That is, the app doesn’t automatically exit the recording screen and let the user watch his recoded videos independently, making for some possible confusion.

While there don’t seem to be too many complaints in regard to performance, the app does raise a lot of privacy issues. With the app giving no indication of when it begins recording, Moment Catcher could fast become the most unwanted app to be around at parties, especially if alcohol is involved.

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