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Pro Mental Coach: Integrating Science and Technology With the Game of Golf

Pro Mental Coach is the future of golf training technology, the gateway to mental training software for many other sports to come.


Pro Mental Coach is the future of golf training technology, the gateway to mental training software for many other sports to come. Developed by Brain Center International (BCI), developers of interactive brain software, Pro Mental Coach is designed to help golfers train and strengthen their brain, which enables them to be more confident on the golf course, manage their stress, recover from poor shots, and stay motivated.

By entering metrics such as age, handicap, answering several general questions, and taking a diagnostic test, the software creates a unique training guide for each user. Tailored training aids golfers in making smarter decisions on the golf course and lower scores. The 18 exercises offered by Pro Mental Coach target specific areas of the mental game and have three levels of difficulty which enable users of all levels to benefit from the regimen.

Based on one’s ability and advancement through the program, which creates variations to the training plan that give each user a different experience, Pro Mental Coach connects the real world to the tech world through an interactive, user friendly interface. By inputting information and participating in recorded exercises, Pro Mental Coach is able to detect deficiencies in one's mental strength, a service that a sports psychologist would have provided in the past.

To strengthen its product, Pro Mental Coach put it to a hands-on test. BCI held a study at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance in Port St. Lucie, FL, where they tested the software on male and female golfers between 25- and 77-years-old with a ranging handicap index between scratch and 33 (a measurement used in golf to determine a players skill), significant results were found in those who used Pro Mental Coach. Participants noticed an average of 2.5 strokes taken off their game. Additionally, 78-percent of participants experienced increased focus, which was a result of Pro Mental Coach teaching how to manage stress and relax throughout the course of a round.

My Experience

The easy-to-use software enables users with all levels of technical skills to maneuver through the program and reap the benefits Pro Mental Coach has to offer. The program begins with a diagnostic test that measures the user's mental ability and capacity to do several tasks, and compares the results to the average user of the software. Throughout the diagnostic test there are brief descriptions that help the user understand what the mental game is in golf, how important it is, and how the mind can be trained to improve one’s game.

Once the diagnostic test is complete the user has the option to follow a schedule designed by Pro Mental Golf that facilitates weekly training training sessions. Each activity’s level of difficulty is tailored to the user based on diagnostic test results as well as previous performance. The diagnostic tests consists of a series of activities the user must complete. With five sessions of 20 minutes a week, Pro Mental Coach promises results with just one hour of mental training a week. The goal of the program is to get users relaxed, confident and stress free on the golf course, without having to pick up a golf club to train.

The interactive software enables users to have a complete training regimen without having to hire a personal sports psychologist.  With the growing popularity of exercise mobile application — Nike Training Club, RunKeeper, and Lose It, among many others — people are beginning to rely less on personal trainers and more on exercise descriptions that are diagrammed and explained for users to emulate. Pro Mental Coach takes this concept one step further by creating a program that enables users to strengthen their mental ability.

A great component of the software is that one is able to track the progress that is made both on the golf course and in the 18 activities. Results are displayed graphically to show improvements in all aspects of one’s game. This instant feedback not only give a tangible aspect to the training program; but also, motivates users to continue on with the regimen by displaying the progress that is being made.

Final Thoughts

While the exercises seem subtle and almost trivial, the software does a great job in testing and stimulating your brain speed, flexibility, focus, inhibition, mental endurance, and stress management. By diligently completing the tasks assigned each day, 1 hour a week can make all the differences in one’s golf game. This level of effectiveness is particularly impressive in light of the low cost and ease-of-use via technology.  After only a few training sessions with Pro Mental Coach I personally have begun noticing my deficiencies in my mental game, and plan to use Pro Mental Coach to fix them. I not only believe it can help improve one's mental game but I am going to permanently integrate Pro Mental Coach into my training to help supplement my strength and conditioning routine.

Although using Pro Mental Coach on a mobile device is not feasible given the importance of a keyboard and mouse for accurate interaction, a mobile app will hopefully eventually be used to supplement the week-to-week training schedule. The mobile app can include components such as on-course tips to help implement the skills learned during training sessions, a mental game round tracker (keep track of on course behaviour to help get an idea of progress), and games and exercises that can be performed and played on the golf course.

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