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These 4 Apps Let You Try on Tattoos Before You Commit

If you ever wished for a virtual tattoo parlor that allows you to design and try on tattoos in the comfort of your own home,…

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What are the best tattoo apps to try before you commit?

For many of us, tattoos hold a certain allure, a form of self-expression that's both personal and public. However, the permanence of this commitment can drive us away. Once that needle dances on your skin, the ink is there to stay, etched in your skin for a lifetime, for better or for worse.

Yes, tattoo removals or cover-ups do exist as a safety net, but they’re not without their drawbacks. These procedures can be heavy on the wallet and physically demanding, posing a significant amount of discomfort.

But what if you could avoid these permanent blunders? Whether you’re still grappling with the design of your tattoos, or facing indecision on where to place your designs, these 4 tattoo-related apps/web apps can help you with your tattoo journey.

Inkhunter | The AR app that lets you try on tattoos

inkhunter app AR try-on tattoos appInkhunter is an AR app that allows you to try on tattoo designs as if you’re trying on clothes. Leveraging your smartphone camera, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, Inkhunter overlays a tattoo design on your chosen body part, be it arm, leg or elsewhere.

To properly calibrate the design, you have to first mark your skin with a pen. Draw three straight lines, two horizontal and one vertical, so that they resemble a smiley face. Afterward, hold your phone over the mark and watch your potential tattoo come to life! It can be premade or personalized and viewed from any angle.

But the features don't stop there. Inkhunter boasts an expansive library of designs, all curated by experienced, real-life tattoo artists. This comprehensive collection caters to a wide array of preferences, offering popular designs that range from elegant flowers and symbolic motifs to edgy skulls. Plus, these designs aren't limited to just black and white; vibrant color options are also available for those who prefer a more lively aesthetic.

With Inkhunter, tattoos are no longer a permanent guesswork game. The app embodies their motto to “think before you ink,” ensuring users have a clear vision of their desired tattoo before making the lifelong commitment.

screenshot example of how inkhunter AR tattoo app works using AR to try on tattoos

Inkbox | Temporary "permanent" tattoos to try

Inkbox tattoo Trace app

Inkbox serves as the ultimate playground for those curious about tattoos, but hesitant about the permanence. They offer semi-permanent tattoos that utilize plant-based, cruelty-free For Now Ink™.

Their latest innovation is Inkbox Trace, a web app that further personalizes your tattoo experimentation experience by allowing you to discover, trace, transfer, and draw custom tattoos, all from the comfort of your home!

You can upload any photo and transform it into a traceable image, or delve into the app’s vast catalog of over 150 ready-made designs. Inkbox Trace takes it a step further by turning your device screen into a virtual lightbox. This feature allows you to craft a stencil of your chosen design, emulating the process of professional tattoo artists. The magic doesn’t stop there. The app guides you to transfer the stencil from tracing paper to your skin, paving the way for you to wear your art.

And then the fun begins! You get to use Inkbox’s Freehand Tattoo Marker to trace over the stencil and bring your design to life. It’s like having your own personal tattoo parlor, right in your pocket. You can experiment, visualize, and create tattoos that truly resonate with you. Not quite feeling it? Don’t worry, these temporary permanent-looking tats will fade as your skin naturally regenerates in 1-2 weeks. Just pull out the Inkbox Trace web app once again and start over with a fresh design!

Of course, any good tool comes with a user guide, and Inkbox Trace is no exception. You’ll have access to valuable tracing tips straight from pro tattoo artists partnered with Inkbox, like Alex Sappy. They’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the app, ensuring your tattoo experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Inkbox redefines the concept of tattooing. It invites you to explore, experiment, and express yourself through temporary body art, transforming the world of tattoos into an ephemeral and changeable form of self-expression.

Screenshots of inkbox trace app

Inksquad | Designing and coloring your tattoos to life

tattoo workflow app that helps with designing, colouring and planning

Now let’s talk colours. Inksquad is a tattoo planning app solution that not only lets you design your tattoos but also plan out your tattoo session, down to the shades of your colors. No more aimlessly browsing through endless ink catalogs. Inksquad allows you to quickly identify the best ink colors (or mixtures) that perfectly match your design. You can easily share your Inkboard with your client, arrange your inks, and explore the perfect color combinations.

Keep your Inkboard open during a tattoo session for an optimized workflow. Track the stencil, the inks to be used at each point, and the color arrangements for optimal rendering. The interface is easy to navigate, with zoom, movement, and palette view all just a touch away.

Inksquad's color matching feature is a game-changer. Import sketches or images (from platforms like Procreate®, Photoshop®, or Illustrator®) and identify colors using drag-and-drop markers, creating the perfect color palette for your masterpiece.

The Palette feature of Inksquad Artist automatically finds the best match between the colors in your sketch and over 400 colors in the main ink catalogs. It offers a comprehensive view of all the inks required for your tattoo. The color Matrix, generated from the Palette colors, allows for advanced color study and blending. It provides all the colors and shades needed for the tattoo session.

Though this iOS app is currently only available on the iPad, it offers a vast library of over 400 colors from main catalogs like Intenze®, Fusion®, World Famous®, Eternal Ink®, and more. You can also build a personal Catalog to better organize your time and color choices. Inksquad's advanced color wheel offers powerful analysis tools for precise color comparison, even offline. Experiment with hundreds of colors - the possibilities are virtually endless.

Inksquad is your digital partner for creating stunning, vibrant tattoos. It revolutionizes the way you design, plan, and execute tattoos, taking them to the next level.

tattoo assistant app for designing, planning and coloring

Tattoodo | Connect and discover tattoo-enthusiast communities around you

a social tattoo app that connects tattoo enthusiasts and artists

Tattoodo is a quasi-social platform that bridges the gap between passionate tattoo enthusiasts and highly skilled tattoo artists worldwide. It serves as an expansive digital hub for discovering unique tattoo designs, finding and booking top-notch artists, and immersing yourself in a thriving community of tattoo lovers.

At the heart of Tattoodo is its rich and diverse library of tattoo designs. Whether you're a fan of minimalist line work, colorful traditional tattoos, or detailed geometric designs, Tattoodo has a little something for everyone. It continually curates an extensive array of designs, so you can explore and discover the ones that speak to you the most.

But Tattoodo is more than just a repository of designs. It also boasts a comprehensive artist directory, allowing you to connect with professional tattoo artists around the world. Through artist profiles, portfolios, and client reviews, Tattoodo empowers you to find the right artist for your next piece of body art.

In addition to its artist-booking functionality, Tattoodo offers a unique feature – its tattoo design contests. Users can submit design ideas, and participating artists compete to create the best design based on these ideas. It's an engaging way to bring unique custom designs to life while supporting the global tattoo artist community.

Tattoodo also thrives as an interactive social platform where users can share their tattoos, engage in discussions, and stay updated with the latest trends and news in the tattoo world. It's a haven for tattoo culture, bringing together artists, enthusiasts, and first-timers in a community bound by a shared passion for body art.

Available on both Android and iOS, Tattoodo serves as a one-stop digital destination for all things tattoos. It is a platform where inspiration meets creation and collaboration, bringing your dream tattoos closer to reality.

social tattoo app tattoodo screenshots connect with artists browse designs and book your inking appointment

2023 is truly the time to be alive. You can use a NYC bagel as an emoji, develop unique app ideas, and try on tattoo designs through our phones. You don’t have to pay for permanent mistakes, because these apps will continue to be in the market— give your skin a break and try them out before you commit!

But enough about other people's apps.

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