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5 Funny Prank Apps for April Fool’s Day

  April Fool’s Day is coming soon, and we want you to be prepared. Your smartphone, in addition to being a useful business item, is…


April Fool’s Day is coming soon, and we want you to be prepared. Your smartphone, in addition to being a useful business item, is also a very good prankster. It can be your best friend on April 1st. Here is a list of the best mobile apps to make your friends go crazy, and let you have fun. Look, even Steve Jobs himself was a fan of iPhone pranks.

5. The Fake Call

Have you ever dreamed about Penelope Cruz calling you? Have you ever had nightmares about your ex-girlfriends calling you? With this app, you can share those feelings with your friends by sending yourself a fake call from someone they wouldnt expect. Your friend will probably be surprised when your senator calls you....

4. The Evil Eye

You can tell your close friends that they're constantly tracked and researched by this little “Big Brother”; the Evil Eye. The app locates your prank victim on a map (but it’s really just locating your phone via satellite) and then creates sensational yet fake news articles detailing the victim’s history of ridiculous behavior, which you have entered beforehand, making your friend believe that you've got your hands on a superman app that can track him/her and find absurd news stories.

3. Dude, your Car!

Dude, your car! is one of the more cruel apps on this list, but then again it’s April Fool’s Day and we take no prisoners. This app offers easy photo editing software that allows you to make someone’s car seem like it’s been involved in an accident while parked outside. You simply have to take a picture of the victim’s car, draw an outline in the area where you would like to apply the hit-and-run damage, then choose the type of damage from a photo library. You can opt for a dent, a scratch, broken glass or something else, and adjust the damage with the app’s available tools. For a cruel prank, email the photoshopped picture to your friend, and make sure someone has a camera to catch his reaction.

2. The Scary Prank

Unless you just got internet access a week ago, you’ve probably fallen for one of those “scary maze” pranks at least once. Do your part and pay it forward by using this scary prank iPhone app. There are dozens of variations of this gem across the app store, and they each serve just about the same purpose: to scare the crap out of someone. Each of these apps start the same way, as the one we linked above. An innocent-enough looking game is presented to the prank-ee, and they play it for about 30 seconds. Then, mid-game, a horrifying monster takes over the screen and yells, loudly. The person gets completely freaked out. A classic.  Have your victim wear headphones for extra fun.

1. The Fool App

If you have to choose a prank app for April Fool’s Day, iFool would be the one. iFool is the most versatile prank app in the App Store, it has tricks to confuse, amuse or shock your friends, loved ones, and less-than-loved ones.
Its tricks are a combination of "backgrounds, actions and switches." The background is the image that is displayed while the trick is lying in wait. It may be a screenshot of your roommate's favorite game, so that he can't resist playing. Or, maybe it's a black screen so your device looks like it's sleeping when people try to track down those sounds they keep hearing. Actions are what you want iFool to do, for example, play a sound, display an image, make waves, ripples, shaking, pop popcorn, splat paint or leave fingerprints. And finally Switches tell iFool when you want to perform an action, for example, after a timer runs out, when someone taps on the screen or when the device is moved or shaken. By combining those 3 actions, prank possibilities are endless. And the entire fun of it is to really choose what type of prank that you want to inflict on your friend.

Now that we know how mischievous you are, check out the bigger and better Top 10 Pranks Apps for 2017.

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