Online newsNumerous articles are published by the press and blogs every day and even more messages and photos are posted on social networks. One thing's for sure: the trend is an explosion of created data made available to the masses. But, digital content is not the only medium responsible! With about 130 million works in circulation in the world, books are also following the movement. Is the exponential growth of created content a detriment to the quality of the published content?

An American designer, Brad Frost, reviews infobesity across the world. The mentioned figures are impressive, especially those connected to the recent evolution of the creation of content. Just think about it: 10% of all the existing books have been published since 2012. Fifteen million books went out last year to the United States, against only 3 million in 2011 and a million in 2009.

Statistics are similar for photos. Everyday, Flickr welcomes 4.5 million new photos, 40 million photos are added on Instagram and figures concerning Facebook are even more impressive: 300 million pictures are published daily. In 2012, no less than 380 billion photos were published online in the United States, against "only" 86 billion in the year 2000. This is a real dramatic increase in created content: 342% in 12 years.

During his presentation, Brad Frost goes into the statistics connected to sent emails, created websites, and videos viewed on the Internet. Here are some really interesting figures:

- Every minute, 72 hours of video are added on YouTube

- 144.8 billion emails are exchanged daily

- Everyday, 822,240 websites are created

- Daily, Internet users make 4 billion shares on Facebook.

- Globally, 90% of digital data was created during the last two years.

Brad Frost considers this exponential growth of created content also, inevitably, weakens the quality. He also talks about keyhole journalism on television and the easy call-to-action on social networks, in particular on Facebook. The very interesting and informative presentation is available on video or Slideshare.

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