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Call blocker app Hiya identifies fraudulent and scam callers and gives you easy ways to protect yourself and prevent phone scams.

Hiya Security Mobile App

When you initially download Hiya, you must go into your settings, under phone, and turn on Hiya — Spam & Block. From there, Hiya will download and periodically update the latest call protection data, keeping you protected from over 200,00 spam and scam numbers.

The app is immediately user-friendly. From the get-go, Hiya provides an illustrated walkthrough on how to use its primary features like identifying callers and setting up your call protection. Once you are using Hiya, the UI design is sharp and intuitive. Each task is clearly defined and you’ll never be confused or lost trying to find the one feature you downloaded it for.

Hiya Security Mobile App Screenshots

In the app, you can choose to either block all fraudulent numbers or telemarketers, or you can have Hiya warn you when these numbers call. If you choose the latter the calls will still come in, but they will be labeled by relevant category be it fraud, phishing, or telemarketing so you can easily ignore them. You can also enable neighborhood scam protection, which speaks to a widespread issue. Many people receive multiple calls daily from numbers that are almost identical to their own. Hiya blocks these calls, too.

If you just downloaded the app and want to check the legitimacy of previous calls, Hiya gives the option of manually importing numbers by copy and pasting them from your phonebook to the app. Hiya will tell you location, business name (if applicable) and most importantly, whether that caller was a scammer. You can blacklist any numbers you would like to avoid by entering them in Hiya’s in-app block list.

Hiya also offers a premium service that gives you access to a more detailed database of Caller IDs. Start a 7 day free trial of Hiya Premium to get Premium Caller ID, more frequent spam updates, and 200 monthly premium business and personal name lookups. After the trial, the premium version of the call blocker app will cost you $2.99 a month, or $14.99 a year for the annual plan.

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