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Enjoy Continuous Learning with Skillshare: The Best E-Learning App

Skillshare is an e-learning app with classes taught by real educators and experts so you don't have to drop a fortune to learn new skills.…

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Have you ever wanted to pick up a hobby or learn about a different industry just for fun? Maybe you’re a tech genius but just wanted a clue into the marketing world. Or maybe you’re an animator who is interested in potentially shifting careers to the mobile web development industry. There’s an array of potential, but going back to school can be a hefty price tag. Our App of the Week, Skillshare, is the best e-learning app to help you pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill set.

Skillshare is an e-learning platform with classes taught by real educators and industry experts. The e-learning platform has various classes to pick from within three main categories: Create, build, and thrive. Create has subcategories like graphic design, photography, music, and more. Build focuses on entrepreneurship and business, with subcategories like freelance, marketing, management, etc. Thrive focuses on personal skillsets with subcategories in lifestyle and productivity.

What’s great about the Skillshare app is that you can progress through the classes and lessons at your own pace. Though there are hundreds of free classes, Skillshare offers a premium subscription ($19.99/month, $99/year). The premium version of Skillshare provides unlimited access to all the classes, offline viewing, and the opportunity to complete projects with others so you can learn by doing. 

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With a 4.8/5 star rating in the App Store, Skillshare is ranked as one of the best education apps for lifelong learners. Skillshare has 22,000+ classes with over 7 million users. Fstoppers has featured Skillshare as a way for users to continue learning for their new year’s resolution. Business Insider featured Skillshare as the platform for students to learn the skills that employers look for. Skillshare has been positioned as the platform offering “education for the masses” by Inc.

Download Skillshare and start learning today.

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