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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed when it comes to completing tasks? Or maybe you’re stressed out because your calendar is on an app, your shopping list is on your fridge, and your to-do list is in your journal. Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep everything in one place? With our App of the Week,, you can stay on track and live stress-free. is an app that helps you stay organized and get more things done. With, you can create tasks with deadlines so that your to-do list is prioritized by when tasks need to be completed. You can also set reminders for tasks, like a reminder every morning at 7:30am to pack your lunch. To help you organize even more, you can integrate and share your calendar (Google, Outlook, and so much more) in so that all of your important tasks and dates are in one place. is compatible with almost any device; from Siri to Alexa to desktop and everything in between, you can seamlessly sync your lists and tasks and access them anywhere. is free to download and use, but if you’re looking to organize to the next level, there’s a premium subscription offer. With premium, you have access to features like color coordinating your tasks by category. You can also create location-based reminders so that you can be reminded to check the mail when you get home or stop at the grocery on your way home.

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With a 4.6/5 star rating in the App Store, is the perfect solution to help you organize your busy life. USA Today featured when Yahoo shut down its task management app, Astrid. was also featured by Zapier as one of the 11 best to-do apps for 2019.

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