Thanks to the democratization of mobile and high speed internet access, video today is a very popular and efficient medium of communication. Knowing that a well-chosen photo enhances the attractiveness of a product, there is nothing surprising about video being even more successful in increasing sales.

Here are some interesting figures concerning videos (sources : MediaPost - MarketingWeek - Cisco):
Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video
- Visitors to whom we propose videos stay on average two minutes more on a website and there is 64 % of additional chances that they buy the proposed product.
- Videos appear in 70 % of the first 100 results of request of search engines.
- Within 4 years, 90 % of the data exchanged on the Internet will be videos.

If the product you are selling is complicated and quite difficult to explain, a video allows you to present a considerable mass of information in only a few seconds. The equivalent in text would be at least a half-page, otherwise more, which could discourage the potential client.
It is important to keep in mind that a person remembers:

- 20 % of what he hears,
- 30 % of what he sees,
- 70 % of what he sees and hears.

Video thus offer the perfect mix to drive a message home, to inform and to establish some confidence in your brand. In any case it's all about the script, not the video. The main goal of the video is to answer all of your potential customers' questions and concerns. If you can do that in a short video, you’ll see an increase in your conversions. If you can’t, you won’t see your sales increase. In order to write it well, you should first get a better understanding of what’s stopping people from purchasing. It could be that they don’t understand what you do, or how easy it is to use. Knowing what all their concerns are, will help you create a better script.

The video can, for example, present your company and/or your products/services It can be on your homepage, like Dropbox, and must be short (less than one/two minutes).

Proven time and again, the use of videos will increase the conversion rate of visitors into leads. But be careful, a low-quality video will make your potential customers flee for their digital lives. Indeed, explainer videos follow the same golden rule as all other forms of media, quality is essential. If you do it wrong, you will have spent thousands of dollars for nothing.

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