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Moved is your free personal moving assistant. This moving app will set you up to chat with a real person who will help you find…


Moved gives you quotes on movers, and provides the contact info to follow up with your best options. You can also order packing materials directly via this moving app, making this New York City-based app a one-stop shop for everything you need to get into your new home with all your stuff intact.

When you open the app, Moved requires you to enter some basic information like addresses, the number of boxes (or apartment size and the items you are moving), and if you are selling/donating any items. After the brief set-up, Moved puts you in touch with a personal assistant who will guide you through the bulk of your moving experience.

Moved_Screenshots Moving App

Your assistant will quickly pull up quotes and estimates from the top-rated moving companies in your area. Get quotes on insurance and storage units as well. Just request what you need in the chat and your assistant is on it. Once you’ve booked a company, Moved gives up-to-date estimates on arrival times and reports any scheduling changes that may occur.

Moved is also your best resource if you didn’t stock up on tape, or need another box last minute. Order packing materials and pay directly via the app and, if you order before 4pm, your order will ship that day with no additional cost. No need to run to the store, even if the movers are coming tomorrow morning. This iOS app will prevent you from feeling that moving panic and lets you kick back and relax while Moved handles the rest. 

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