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Design Challenge: Week 11

Every 2 weeks, the design team here at Fueled task themselves with a design challenge. The task at hand is fairly simple; we take a brief from a pool of suggestions and tackle it in just 2 hours. However, there are no winners in the design challenge. Taking a break from projects for a little while proves invaluable to us to share our ideas, explore our processes, and grow as designers. This week's challenge was from our resident winder-upper Ryan Murphy again.

The Brief

Reimagine an olympic brand.

The Submissions

Glenn Hitchcock

"I wanted to give the bauhaus back to Berlin! I love the olympic flame, and it made the perfect opportunity to tie the rings of fire into it. Being able to lay out the Fatherland’s colours was a happy mistake, but it’s all come together to modernise it away from the fascists!"

Emily Cressey

"I picked the Nagano 1998 games in Japan! This was a Winter Games but I wanted to play around with a more general logo.

I tried to incorporating a lot of hidden imagery within the logo, the main shape coming from the seal of Nagano which is the circle with a third cut out, like this.

I then rotated it to make it seem like a mountain at the bottom with a rising sun behind, then used the Olympic colours to blend them all together."

Mike Barton

"So I found the minimalist, colourful olympic brands we know and love today are really well thought out and finicky. I thought I'd take it old school and go waaay back to sweet Paris, 1924. Olympic torch on the Eiffel tower, all that good stuff"

Ryan Murphy

"The 1936 Olympics were tarnished by fascism. Hitler famously shut down the Bauhaus, and thus great creativity in Germany. I tried to imagine an Olympics without the Nazi's and with the Bauhaus. Re-appropriating a style akin to theirs, and hopefully a thought process too. Deconstructing, and reconstructing around the Olympic rings, and crafting a brand around it all.

Had a lot of fun with this."

Sean Kerry

"I took on the 1964 Tokyo olympics for my rebrand. I wanted to keep it simple and strong. I chose colours inspired by traditional Japanese art and paired these with bold shapes to portray mount Fuji and the rising sun. I attempted a gold leaf effect on the lettering to give the design just a little bit more character."

Catherine Hopkins

"I decided to take the old Rome olympics logo and update it into a modern day design. Bring in the splashes of colour and using a geometric line art style. Ran out of time as adding in Romulus and Remus ... and kinda glad about that."

Next Time

There we have it. Another great week of submissions. Fear not, join us in a couple of weeks for a super special challenge.

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