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Design Challenge: Week 8

Every 2 weeks, the design team here at Fueled task themselves with a design challenge. The task at hand is fairly simple; we take a brief from a pool of suggestions and tackle it in just 2 hours. However, there are no winners in the design challenge. Taking a break from projects for a little while proves invaluable to us to share our ideas, explore our processes, and grow as designers. This week's challenge was the thinking of the one and only Sean Kerry.

The Brief

No rules, just create a GIF of some kind. Sky's the limit!

The Submissions

Catherine Hopkins

"So this was an experiment created to get to grips with the animation tool Flare (2dimensions).

I used it to learn how to draw in the program and how to set up nodes, controls and bones. It first started out as just the car swerving, to then adding the bounce, the person and then finally the dice. The movement isn't 100%, but it's a first stab at making 2D shapes look 3D in animation :)"

Alex Lockey

"For this weeks design challenge - gif. I created a 12 frame image sequence of a fishing boat in rough seas.

The challenge was to try and get the motion of the boat and its trajectory correct with its momentum and force of the moving sea. There were also other challenges such as the hook, trying to get that to feel natural as the boat rocked forward and back."

Mike Barton

"So I fancied having a go at some pixel art, and went through a few options before I settled on good 'ol rainy London. Added some thunder, shading and a bit of noise (because noise makes everything better).

Of course the GIF isn't complete unless you listen to this song at the same time."

Ryan Murphy

"Wanted to do something a little dreamy and geometric - akin to the great work of

End result felt to me like a calming, breathing assistant, and I am happy with that."

André Gonçalves

"I’m fascinated by how clever some animations can be in terms of the balance between the effort to animate something and how much value that can add to what you want to communicate. For this Gif Challenge i wanted to explore that.

I started thinking about how immersed we can be in mundane activities like zapping and content scrolling and how I could accentuate that behaviour in an animation loop. I wanted to represent the idea of almost no body movement, just the minimal effort to execute the scrolling action so I simply animated the hand and the inevitable eye blinking.
To break a bit the animation pattern and to make it feel a bit more random I added some motion to the toes 

The Illustration was done in in Sketch and animated in Principle."

Next Time

Join us same time in a couple of weeks for more design treats!

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