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Curiosity: The Life-Long Learning App

Ever wondered why people look at lights when they need to sneeze? Curiosity is a life-long learning app that makes learning more fun and accessible.

App Store preview of Curiosity app

Have you ever wondered why people look at lights when they need to sneeze? Or why you jerk awake when you’re just about to fall asleep? Maybe not, but now you are wondering. Our App of the Week, Curiosity, is the life-long learning app that answers the questions you didn’t even consider asking. 

Sure, Google is a great resource for your wandering mind, but that’s where founder Gabe Vehosky saw an opportunity. Vehosky was inspired by how his kids were constantly curious about the most random topics; he wondered when adults stopped feeling that curious and how to spark that curiosity in them. With 15 years of experience in the knowledge industry, Vehosky was not a newbie. Serving as the VP of Digital Strategy and Emerging Business at Discovery Communications, Vehosky saw how overwhelming it can be for those who want to learn more, but aren’t sure what or where to start. Alongside Discovery, Vehosky launched Curiosity.

Curiosity provides original articles and videos with a range of topics from A to Z. The goal of Curiosity is to inspire learning by making it fun and easy. Rather than searching the rabbit hole of the internet, this life-long learning app ignites curiosity by introducing users to new topics or topics that they didn’t realize they were interested in. 

Curiosity publishes five new articles daily to keep you coming back for more. Live a life on-the-go? Curiosity curates your “daily diet” into a podcast so you can still get your dosage of knowledge. With over 5,000 articles, there’s something for everyone to be interested in. Curiosity offers puzzles to keep your brain engaged and quizzes that provide insight on who you are. Who said learning can’t be fun?

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With a 4.8/5 star rating in the App Store, Curiosity is a great choice for anyone looking to become a life-long learner. The Chicago Tribune described Curiosity as the Pandora for anyone who is knowledge-hungry. Curiosity has been listed by Gizmodo as one of the 9 apps to try if you want to learn something new.

Download Curiosity and start learning the unknown.

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