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Design Challenge: Week 9

Every 2 weeks, the design team here at Fueled task themselves with a design challenge. The task at hand is fairly simple; we take a brief from a pool of suggestions and tackle it in just 2 hours. However, there are no winners in the design challenge. Taking a break from projects for a little while proves invaluable to us to share our ideas, explore our processes, and grow as designers. This week's challenge was from the brilliant mind of Ryan Murphy.

The Brief

Design as nonsensical, silly user interaction you can think of. Something that defies the laws of logic and maybe even gravity.

The Submissions

James Lindsay

"Scrub to play!

I wanted to come up with a really annoying video experience. I dropped the play button, attaching the video to the scrubbing bar. Drag it at exactly at the right speed and enjoy!

I also included some rather unhelpful error messages."

Dan Makepeace

"So for this challenge I just tried to make a UI that breaks every rule in the book. There's far too much animation, and everything just feels out of place. Not to mention having Comic Sans in there for good measure."

Catherine Hopkins

"I decided to think of what can already be an annoying process and what came to mind was something like cancelling a subscription or deleting an account.

So why not make that even more frustrating by making someone have to go through a maze to reach their goal. If they hit the sides, start over. It's impossible to complete anyway."

Sean Kerry

"You know that feeling when you've filled out a whole form only to find there was a small error which has caused all the information you've input to be cleared?

I wanted to create something along those lines. Alarmingly this doesn't feel too dissimilar to experiences I've had in the past when trying to interact with apps or websites."

Ryan Murphy

"Playing around with Origami again, built a player with the worst possible interactions for a player. Tilting left and right panned the music, which would be bad enough. So I also added the ability to turn the volume up and down with a vertical tilt, the worst music player known to mankind. Hold it perfectly still for good listening, anything else is the pits of hell."

André Gonçalves

"For this challenge, I designed an e-book reading experience.

All screens were designed to look minimalist, sophisticated, functional and obvious and to provide an annoying, overly complicated, overly explanatory and sometimes misleading user experience.

Designed in Sketch and Prototyping at Principle"

Mike Barton

"So after experimenting with an actual vinyl player (dragging and dropping a needle) as an audio player, I decided that a slingshot to 'help' you scrub through a song would be a ridiculous and unhelpful UI. Good luck getting to the chorus of Robbie Williams 'Angels' with this bad boy."

Andrew Power

"I wanted to create an absurd security requirement that involves an impossible hand gesture, lampooning some extremely needlessly difficult interactions I've seen out there."

Next Time

Join us in just a few days for some more design goodies.

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