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The Best Productivity App: IFTTT

IFTTT is a productivity app that connects your services in ways the original developers did not consider. Make life easier with this "digital duct tape."

iOS preview of IFTTT app

In an increasingly digital world, production is key. The problem arises when your devices aren’t developed to integrate with each other. Imagine how productive you could be if you could tell your Google Home to make a note in Evernote. Our App of the Week, IFTTT, gives you complete control over the various services and devices you use every day.

Founder Linden Tibbets was waiting in line for food one day when he had the idea to create a platform that integrated cause/effect reactions in the digital space. He saw how powerful the internet was and how it was influencing our behaviors. The idea of “if this, then that” led him to create the web-based platform IFTTT. In 2011, Tibbets launched IFTTT as the “digital duct tape” that allowed users to creatively control the internet and connect the services they were already using. In 2013, an app launched so users could have control on-the-go.

The selling point of IFTTT is that it connects your everyday services in ways that the original developers did not consider. Services, in this case, being the apps and devices that you use (Facebook, Instagram, Alexa, etc.). Through IFTTT’s use of coding, you can create an applet, which brings these services together to create a new experience for you. Even better, created applets are open to anyone, so you can explore features that other users have created.

Through IFTTT, you can connect your smart home to your Domino’s account. You can set up an applet that will allow your smart lights on your porch to turn on when Domino’s indicates that your order is out for delivery. You can also connect your Alexa account to your Apple account, so when you tell Alexa to add bananas to your list it automatically populates a list on your phone. Among these features, IFTTT can connect many more services to save time in your busy life.

screenshots of IFTTT

Since its launch in 2011, IFTTT now has a significant user base of 9.5 million users and has been featured as one of the most innovative companies on Fast Company. With 4.7/5 stars, IFTTT has been featured as Editor’s Choice in the App Store. Forbes featured IFTTT as a top tool for productivity in 2019. 

Elevate your apps and make life easier by downloading IFTTT.

But enough about other people's apps.


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