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The Best Money-Saving App: Ibotta

Ibotta is a shopping app that partners with brands and retailers to provide offers to shoppers. This money-saving app replaces the hassle of couponing.

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Have you found yourself flabbergasted when you check your bank account after your weekly grocery trip? Are you tired of spending hours clipping coupons, just so you can save money? Our App of the Week, Ibotta, is the perfect solution to your budgeting troubles.

Founder Bryan Leach grew up watching his father’s company grow from six employees to over 1,000 employees. As Leach was traveling back from an international arbitration conference, he saw someone using their cell phone to take pictures of receipts for travel expenses; that’s when Leach had the idea for Ibotta. He thought about how mobile technology could empower consumers by rewarding them for everyday products they bought. After serving as a Supreme Court clerk and spending four years as a partner at a major law firm in Denver, Leach followed his father’s footsteps and started his own business. 

Ibotta is a mobile shopping app that partners with leading grocer brands and retailers to provide offers to shoppers. This shopping app replaces the hassle of couponing with a mobile experience by offering cash rewards for the everyday products you grab while on a grocery run. It doesn’t stop at groceries though; Ibotta now offers rewards when you shop through online retailers, like Amazon or Bloomingdale’s. 

So how does Ibotta work? Before you head to the store, check the app to see what offers are available at the store you’re going to and add them to your offers. Next, do your thing and shop til you drop, but make sure to keep your receipt. If you’re worried about losing your receipt, you can link your loyalty card to Ibotta and instantly redeem offers when you scan it! Once you’re done shopping, go to the app and take a picture of your receipt (that’s how you complete your offers). Within 48 hours, your receipt will be processed and your offers will be credited to your Ibotta account. Once you earn up to $20, you can withdraw your cash through Venmo or PayPal. Pretty simple, right?

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Since its founding in 2012, Ibotta has found itself in a multitude of accomplishments. With more than 35 million downloads, they have delivered more than $500 million in cash rewards to its users. In 2018, Ibotta was listed in the top 15% of Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. Ibotta was also featured by Forbes, boasting about the ease of helping consumers save money.

Stop clipping those coupons and start earning cash back. Download Ibotta and get to shopping!

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